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Beyond the Workshop by Wood That Works

We are passionate about building supportive communities and thoroughly enjoy helping our neighbours, whether it be a bit of free practical advice or actual hands on work, we always  welcome local people to come ask us.


As a social enterprise, Wood That Works welcomes the opportunity to use our carpentry skills to generate funds that ensure we can continue to offer subsidised classes for local children and adults from low income households. We have collaborated with Back Yard Cinema, Kentish Town City Farm, Islington Rose Bowl Youth Hub and North London Upcycle Convention.  If you are a local school or business and would like to find out how we can help you please email us directly. 

"Wood That Works has elicited skills from young people that they had never dreamed of and has enabled us to demonstrate this self-belief can be applied in other areas"

Islington Youth Worker.



Backyard Cinema, East London, 2022.

We were delighted to contribute to the Back Yard Cinema’s communal space with these reclaimed oak benches and tables. Meeting the creative team on delivery day was so much fun  - such a cool space with good vibes all round. 


Snake Park Restoration, Dartmouth Park. 

Restoring the giant snakes in our local Three Point Park and hosting a celebratory community party upon completion has to be one of our most cherished undertakings. Working alongside local children to bring individuality, colour and life back to a well used community space is fantastic. Thank you to The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum for funding this project. 

St Mary Brookfield Church 2023

To help Father Damien and his team safely move this magnificent but very heavy golden eagle lectern we repurposed a solid oak worktop to create a wooden base to which we added a sturdy set of lockable wheels. 

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 10.15.07.png

The Harrington Scheme 6 week carpentry project 


Carpentry and gardening are complimentary skills so we were delighted to have the opportunity to help some of Harrington Scheme’s amazing young interns to gain practical woodwork skills to increase independence and future employability. To celebrate everyones achievements we visited Highgate Cemetry on what happened to be a most magical snowy afternoon. 


York Rise Street Fair, 2022

We absolutely love attending York Rise Street Fair where we meet old friends and make new connections and raise funds to subsidise woodwork classes for local children and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds by selling our hand crafted wooden objects. 


Balmore Street  - Secret Garden Restoration Project 2022

Ricky has lived with his family in Balmore for years, so when we were asked to improve the small garden at the end of the road we jumped at the opportunity to put our up cycled wood to good use. Thank you to Power Up North London for funding this project.

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